No Pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no weed killer, an organic tea garden adopting natural farming method, producing rich and aromatic Taiwanese tea.
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Finely crafted, perfectly presenting Taiwanese Tea

Our tea has Limited productivity, such a unique result makes our customer feels delighted and amazed, especially having aroma flavor left around their taste bud, We follow the traditional Oolong and High Mountain tea production method by allowing a special type of tea bug sipping young leaf bud, generates a unique flavor for our tea, such a tea is also well known as Yan Tea or Chaise tea

Cultivate with heart, best tea’s recognition

We insisnt of having a friendly growing environment, avoid using chemically bonded pesticide or fertilizer. We won many first place award from many tea competitions. We can face any challenge regarding our attitude or quality towards our tea. Jiayow Taiwan Tea is presenting the perfect tea to our customers.

Jiayow Taiwan Tea, your best choice

Our naturally grown Tea farm is located at Lugu Township, Nan-tu County. Within Lugu mountain natural woods, it is covered with mist for all four seasons, our farm adopts natural farming method to ensure quality control, we let them grown naturally, avoid using chemically bonded pesticide or fertilizer because tea tree prevents insects attack as such, we manage our tea farm by adopting the natural law of ecological balance.

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